The Oslo 2012 Date Menu

What are the dates like? Here’s the Date Menu for Oslo in 2012. The Menu will be different every time and made in cooperation with locals, so we can best use what the city has to offer. Although some classics keep coming back…

1. Blind Date ☼
Before you meet, you and your date are blindfolded. The date ends when you both take off your blindfolds.

2. Silent Date
Meet. Be silent. Stay together. Be silent. Then leave each other.

3. Cuff Linked ☼
Spend an hour handcuffed to each other. (Or: hold hands continuously for an hour.)

4. Derivé
Wander aimlessly around the city looking for whatever comes. Go on impulse.

5. Karaoke
Go sing karaoke together.

6. The Romantic Comedy
The plot: Meet. Love story. Disastrous misunderstanding. How does it end?

7.  Killing the Mood
The date goes well, until someone kills the mood. Both of you try to save it, and it goes well, until someone kills the mood again. And again.

8. The Trip £
Pack for a trip. Get on local public transport and go somewhere neither of you has ever been before.

9. Memento Mori
Take a walk around the graveyard together. What you have in common is that you’ll both end there.

10. Meet the Parents
Take your new girl/boyfriend to meet your parents.

11. The Rags to Riches
Go to a shop with very expensive clothes. Pick something out for each other. Try them on.

12. The Old Farts
Pretend to be an old couple. Show your affection by complaining about everything.

13. Delinquent Date
Break some rules together.

14. The Tourists
Dress and behave like tourists in public. Meet the locals. Try not to be caught out.

15. Dumpster Dive
Search until you find something fantastic that someone has thrown away.

16. The Skinny Dip
Late at night, swim naked. Beware of clothing thieves!

17. Victorian Courtship
Take pen and paper and go to a bar or cafe. No talking. Communicate by writing only.

18. Business Partners
Lemonade stand, public performance, telling fortunes… make a profit together!

19. The Tail
During your date, someone “hired” by the office will spy on you. Can you spot who it is? Why are you being followed? Can you shake them off?

20. Double Haircut ☼
Get a pair of buzz-clippers from the office. Cut each others’ hair. You can take of just a little, or go for a real change of haircut.

21. Never Have I Ever °
For someone you know well: do something together you’ve both never done before.

22. Leap of Faith £
Go to the swimming hall with the diving tower. Promise each other you’ll jump off the tower.

23. Psychic Cafe
Sitting at a cafe (or with drinks in a park): when your date pings your glass, you have to say exactly what’s on your mind.

24. Massage
What it says in the title.

25. Bunad’s Night Out
Dress up in national costume. Go wild at a bar.

26. Geocaching
At least one of you has GPS or a phone with GPS. Find some treasure!

27. Reptorachnophobia! £
Got a phobia? Go visit boa constrictors and black widow spiders together at the Oslo reptile house.

28. Shipwrecked £
At the botanical gardens. You have been shipwrecked on an island; you don’t understand the native language or culture. Remember to bring your one essential survival item.

29. Playdate
Remember how you played all the time as a kid? Find a playground, a game, or a fun place and go.

30. Bookworms
Meet at a library or bookstore. Read a favourite story or chapter aloud to each other.

31. Green Card
You are pretending to be a couple so that one of you can stay in the country. 40 minutes into your date, we interview you. How well will you know each other?

32. The Great Liars °
Tell as many lies as possible, from the small to the outrageous.

33. The Pillow War
Pillow fight: best out of three matches, each in a separate location. Supply your own pillows. Tickling is allowed!

34. The Muse
Sketch each other. (Other artistic expressions also allowed.) Bring your own supplies.

35. Street art confessions ☼
Get chalk from the office. In a public place, write confessions about love.

36. Secret Affair
If people notice you two meeting, there could be trouble. Do you dare to sit on the same bench and whisper? Write notes? Find ways communicate with your date unnoticed.

37. The Ritual
Prepare your objects beforehand, and when you meet, late at night, you perform a ritual together.

38. For Players Only °
Think you know the art of picking up people? Prepare to meet your match. Impress your date with your smooth, smooth skills of seduction.

39. Spread the Love
Spend your date in the service of others. Find people who need help, or volunteer.

40. It’s Not You, It’s Me °
Go on a date as each other. For people who know each other well.

41. Just a Flesh Wound ☼
A best-out-of-three (or five, or seven) swordfight tournament. Each round in a new location. Get boffer swords (soft, light play swords) at the office.

42. The Date at the End of the Universe
Both of you know the universe is about to end, which is probably what it wanted to do anyway. What to do in the last hour…

☼ Props available from the office
° Also a good date for someone you already know well
£ Extra costs for travel or entry