The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency: How do I participate?

1. Read everything on this page and the FAQ and sign up.

2. When you sign up, you choose a time on Tuesday 30.7. to come to the office at Kulmahuone, Siltasaarenkatu 15. Your introduction will take about an hour. The times are between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. You will be added to the mailing list and will get updates if necessary. You’ll also get info on how to pay in advance (35€, 40€ upon arrival).

3. On 30.7. as you arrive, you’ll sign in (and pay if you haven’t already – unfortunately you can only pay in cash), get a form to fill about when you’re available for dates and what dates on our date menu you’re interested in, and an information booklet with all the information you need. Once everyone arriving at that time has been signed in, you will get a short introduction to the LMA. You’ll learn about the Lovers’ Lens – a gentle, sympathetic and trusting attitude we want you to bring along to your dates. After that, your personal matchmaker will take you to a cafe or a sit in the park to have a chat with you. We’ll also take your picture – just for the matchmakers to remember who is who, it won’t be shown anywhere.

4. The dates start on Thursday. You will get date suggestions (time, place, theme) by text – they are usually sent the night before or earlier. Sometimes date suggestions are sent on the same day as the date due to cancellations. You will answer to affirm if you can come or not as soon as you can. The meeting can take place anywhere in the city center area, depending on the date – you will be sent the address.

5. Meet your match. To recognize each other you will both be carrying a flower (any plant you can find will do, even a fake one). In case of being late, lost, etc. there’s a number to call. The meeting will be about 30-60 min long – but you can of course go on as long as you like, be it all evening, all night (scandal!), or the rest of your lives. The only rule that always stands for the meeting is that you should have your Lovers’ lens on.

6. Go back to 4, rinse and repeat.

7. At the end of the week there are group events that are open to all participants, at least The Big Fat Fake Mass Wedding on Saturday night, and after the event ends on Sunday, a debrief.

That’s it! We look forward to seeing you aboard our little love boat. Make sure you check the FAQ, since it covers stuff like “do I have to be single?” (no), “are dates romantic?” (no, but they can be), “is this some kind of a joke or performance?” (no more than life itself) and much, much more.