The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency 2013

The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency is a participatory art event made up of dates. We do the matchmaking, you go on the dates, and together we are The Lovers.


Helsinki, Finland

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The Lovers’ Matchmaking agency is a pop-up dating agency that appears for six days and sends people on blind dates. But instead of romantic, our dates are all sorts of meetings between strangers. The idea is to be open to see the good in every stranger, to be able to connect and share a little adventure. We’ll help you along by giving you some unusual tasks to do together.

The Agency has previously been organized twice in Helsinki and in Copenhagen, Oslo and Tromsø.

On the first day, as you sign in, you choose the date ideas that appeal to you from our date menu, and we choose people we think you should meet. People we think you’ll get along with, but also people who you wouldn’t normally meet. For four days, we set up as many dates as possible. Meanwhile, you can go on with your everyday life, fitting the dates into your schedule.

The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency is a Walkabout project, each of which a participatory art project based on a tarot card. This covers, naturally, card VI: The Lovers.

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Oslo 2012 Date Menu


Produced by Höyhentämö

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