Published in States of Play


”Our first goal was to create art pieces where the participants could use the full capacity of their physical presence to interact with the piece, lived-in art. What we set out to design could best be described as temporary worlds or societies. Unlike in larp, while the worlds may be fictional, their inhabitants are not. Our goal is that the changes in behavior and identity, sometimes creating something like a character, are caused by adapting to the situation and simply cause the participants’ identities to include their new behavior and point of view.”

This year’s Solmukohta book, edited by Juhana Pettersson, is called States of Play. In our pieces, entitled ”We Created A Monster” (parts I and II) we attempted to give a more-or-less concise account of the goals, tools, methods, and madness behind Walkabout. There are also some very pretty pictures.

The entire book is available online as a pdf.