Lovers’ FAQ

What is this?

Is this for real, or is it some kind theatre?
Both. While we take ourselves seriously and our dates are real, we’re also playing at being a dating agency and with the idea of the date.

Should I have some experience in ______ to participate?

Should I act as myself or can I play a role?
You should be yourself – your date will be, too. It’s more about taking off roles, really. Of course you can also find new ways to be you.

What is the Lovers’ lens?
The Lovers’ lens is a certain way to see the world around you. The world you live in can change completely depending on the mindset you look at it through. A big part of this event is what happens not to you, but in your mind – learning to see in a different way. You’ll learn more about the Lovers’ lens on the first day of the event.


I have to work during the day/night/I can’t be take part all the time!
You’re not expected to participate all the time. You can fit your dates into your schedule – there are date times from 8 a.m. until midnight – and otherwise go on with your everyday life during the event. Participating in the group events is voluntary.

Do I always have to be available or answer the phone/texts?
No. We mainly communicate by text – answer us when you can. How much you participate is up to you.

Do I need to prepare anything?
No, come as you are.
And yes – if you want to. If you want to dress up, cook someone dinner, wear a tiara to your big fat fake mass wedding, and so on, you’re welcome.

I can’t speak English/Finnish, can I still participate?
The materials are in English (possibly Finnish) and everyone at the Agency speaks Finnish and English. The dates, however, will be in any language that you and your date speak.

Do I need money?
Aside from the sign-up fee, not necessarily. Some of the dates or events might require some money (if you meet at a cafe, go to the amusement park, want an outfit for the Big Fat Fake Mass Wedding etc.).

Is there an age limit?
18 years to make sure you have the perspective needed to play with your life.

Can I join after Tuesday?
In Helsinki we’re usually sold out, and it’s difficult to add a new participant to the mix at that point, so be early. If you can come to the office on 30.7. but only have a few days or one day to date, that’s possible – we’ll just organize more dates for you for the time you have.

The dates

Are the dates romantic or sexual?
No. We like to use the word date, but it can be misleading. These are just encounters with strangers – men, women, old, young – in unusual circumstances. Usually, the experience seems to be better when you’re not looking for a particular type of person, but for what each person has to offer.

Should I be single to participate?
No. But you should probably explain your partner what it’s about.

How many dates will I go to?
We can arrange you the chance to go to at least 4 dates.

What on earth are we going to do on this date?
We’ve got an arsenal of unusual date ideas to choose from on our date menu – you don’t need to prepare anything for yourself, just follow the instructions.

Can I turn down a date?
Yes. But once you have agreed to a date, you can’t take a look at your date and turn back. You wouldn’t like that to happen to you, would you?

Do I have to like my date?
No. You can end up deciding you’re not each other’s type of people. But before you decide that, give each other a chance.

What if my date is remarkably older/younger, not attractive to me or of the sex I’m not interested in and I find that awkward?
Remember, this is not about attraction or romance. You can have something to share. If it’s awkward, let it be. That’s a part of it, and everybody feels at least a little awkward at some point.

What if the date turns unpleasant?
Then tell your date you don’t like the way the date is going and would like to end it. Tell us if someone behaves inappropriately.

Can I go on a second date with someone?
That would be great, but leave it for when the week is over. This is about the first encounter, so no repeats during the week.

What if I already know someone?
If you know that someone you know is participating, tell us. Some dates are also good for people who know each other to see each other in a new way.

So this happens all over the city… what do I do if I bump into someone I know while I’m on a date and I don’t know how to explain myself?
Just be honest – or say you’re in the middle of something and will explain later.

Do the organisers/matchmakers date?
Not when we’re on duty. When the event is over, though…

The Events

What is the Big Fat Fake Mass Wedding?
We will keep the dates blind for most of the week, but towards the end of the week we will lift the veil and have some common events. On Saturday there is The Big Fat Fake Mass Wedding, where you can marry anyone or anything you like. It’s basically a parade, a mock ceremony and a party.

Can I bring a friend along to the events?
To the Big Fat Fake Mass Wedding – yes please. Other possible events are for participants only.

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