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The Lovers’ Club – ilmoittautuminen

The Lovers’ Club – ohjeet

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The Lovers’ Club (Helsinki)

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Kesinä 2011 ja 2012 The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency ilmestyi Helsinkiin, Osloon ja Kööpenhaminaan viikoksi järjestämään toisenlaisia treffejä. The Lovers’ Club pyrkii jatkamaan toimintaa ympäri vuoden. Klubi on yhteisöllinen ja vapaamuotoinen, sen lopulliseen muotoutumiseen vaikuttavat kaikki jotka toimintaan osallistuvat. more »

The Oslo 2012 Date Menu

What are the dates like? Here’s the Date Menu for Oslo in 2012. The Menu will be different every time and made in cooperation with locals, so we can best use what the city has to offer. Although some classics keep coming back…

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The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency 2012

Oslo 4.-8.7. ♥ Copenhagen 25.-29.7. ♥ Helsinki 15.-19.8.

The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency is a participatory art event made up of dates. We do the matchmaking, you go on the dates, and together we are The Lovers.

Where and when:
Oslo, Norway 4.-8.7. (Matchmakers’ workshop 2.-3.7.)
Copenhagen, Denmark 25.-29.7. (Matchmakers’ workshop 23.-24.7.)
Helsinki, Finland 15.-19.8. (Matchmakers’ workshop 13.-14.8.)

Cost: 30€ / 300 NOK / 250 DKK
Sign ups are now CLOSED.

The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency is a Walkabout project, each of which a participatory art project based on a tarot card. This covers, naturally, card VI: The Lovers.

Getting to the point with people where it feels like there is a genuine connection can be difficult and take a long time. We don’t easily let our guards down. Or maybe we just don’t understand each other. Getting from the first sight to the moment when we feel we share the same world is usually a long and gradual process, it can take years and in most cases it never happens. This is all for good reasons. To co-habit as a society we need to have our rules and play our games and have our limits. But wouldn’t it be nice to just for a moment skip all this and go right to the point where we can give people access to our worlds and see what’s inside theirs? Have you ever looked at windows and wished you could just knock on the doors and get to know the people inside? This is what The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency attempts to do.

It’s all very simple, really. For five days in the Agency will match up people who our matchmakers feel might have something to give each other. The daters will choose a theme for the date from our date menu, framing the encounter in an unusual way. To get to that place of intimacy, trust and safety we will teach you a tool, or a point of view, called the Lovers’ lens. Or you can ’work’ at the Agency and become a matchmaker yourself.

For more information:

How to participate

How to become a matchmaker

Lovers’ FAQ

Sign up

Produced by Teatteri Naamio ja Höyhen

Funded by

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Pitäisikö minulla olla jotain kokemusta ______sta että voin osallistua?
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The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency: Kuinka osallistua?

1. Lue nämä ohjeet ja FAQ ja varaa paikkasi täältä.
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Heidän tukensa Mesenaatin kautta tekee Loversin järjestämisen mahdolliseksi:

Their support through Mesenaatti makes Lovers possible:

Henrik Kumlin
Arno Karatmaa
Miila Romana
Marko Tanninen
Virpi Kilpiö
Alexandra Finckenberg
Virpi Byring
Sinikka Ikni
Saara Moisio
Otto Kopra


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